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Image by Edgar Castrejon

Meals for Everyone

We want to make eating enjoyable for our customers!

Our Menu includes a fixed seasonal menu and daily changing dishes for each Market Day. We are located at the beautiful Prahran Market in South Yarra:


Can’t make it into the Market? Shop our online store.

Shoppers can make a selection from simple everyday dinners, fridge fillers to form the basis of their weekly menu, or plan a special occasion with finger food to enjoy with a cocktail before sitting down to entrée, main and dessert.  All prepared and ready to reheat if required. All you need to do is serve and enjoy!

Many of our dishes originate from family recipes passed on through generations and we keep up to date with changes in food trends and seasonal produce.

Food plays such an important role in our daily lives – we incorporate it in almost every daily and social activity imaginable – providing nutrients and health benefits, as well as for sharing, gathering, entertaining, nurturing, giving, celebrating, and more.

We provide something for every occasion – easy lunches, everyday family dinners, spectacular special meals. We also do catering!

We don’t believe you can substitute convenience for quality. Everything at Stir The Pot is handmade, using only fresh local ingredients and produce with no artificial anything.

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